A Modern, or a Medieval Mystery?

An unsolved, latter day mystery; who authored the twelve soliloquies which comprise 'The Lost Plays of Shakespeare; Soliloquy Extracts'? Was it Shakespeare himself? Even the finder of these lost (now found) Soliloquies has no answer to that.

Whilst this could be nothing more than some elaborate hoax, the manuscripts on which the soliloquies are written (manuscripts which were entrusted to Les Visible) seem ancient and authentic enough; perhaps the author might have been some medieval copy-cat?

You can read about Les Visible and how the manuscripts came to be in his possession here and you can read extracts from the soliloquies themselves here. We invite you to read them and make your own mind up...

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The soliloquies within this book make for fascinating reading - but it is a slim volume, and the image below is for illustration only.

'The Lost Plays of Shakespeare'

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'The Lost Plays of Shakespeare'

The Lost Plays of Shakespeare, Solioquy Extracts

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